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Los Altos, California

(aka: Water Closet, Commode, John, Pot, Head)

Deconstruction ~ Salvage ~ Recovery ~ Dismantling ~ Disposal ~ Recycling

Seller of salvaged: Toilet Tanks ~ Toilet Tank Lids, Covers, Tops ~ New Toilet Seats

Recycle your old, used toilet through us. Don't clog our landfills. Be nice to our planet...

We'll pick it up at your house between San Jose and San Mateo.
(We do not service townhouses, condominiums, or apartments.)
See below for service in Fresno.

* Closed. * Pick ups are Mondays between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM (More info in FAQs below)

Next Service dates: We are CLOSED indefinately while new worker's compnsation insurance is secured.

$19.00 Per Toilet (Less if 2, 3, or 4 toilets)


Toilet pick up & recycle service, Qty - 1. The "shipping address" will be the pick up address. Closed
Toilet pick up & recycle service, Qty - 2. The "shipping address" will be the pick up address. ($18.00 each.) Closed
Toilet pick up & recycle service, Qty - 3. The "shipping address" will be the pick up address. ($17.00 each.) Closed
Toilet pick up & recycle service, Qty - 4. The "shipping address" will be the pick up address. ($16.00 each.) Closed
Toilet pick up & recycle service, Qty - 5. The "shipping address" will be the pick up address. ($16.00 each.) Closed

Telephone *Closed*

For service in Fresno CA, call 559-232-1719 or 559-281-3563 to schedule a pick-up appointment.
Or drop off at Dee's Plumbing Monday thru Friday, 7:00 - 8:00 AM at 3563 E Tulare St, corner of 6th, 93702.
$10.00 fee for drop-offs

Important Terms:

1. Toilet must include undamaged tank lid.

2. Disconnect the tank from the bowl if you can.

3. Only undamaged goods will be accepted.

4. Damaged components may be refused.
(Damaged is cracked, chipped, nicked, or broken.

5. Remove the toilet seat. Recycling does not take them.

6. Do not put out cartons/boxes. We do not take them.

7. Please include colored bolt cover caps if they are available.

8. Leave the toilet(s) out in front of the property where the driver can see them.
(But not at the curb or street as the tank lid might get stolen.)
There must be pavement between the toilets and the street, and no steps or stairs.
You don't need to be home at the time of the pickup.

(Caution: Broken toilets are sharp and dangerous.)

Comments from past recyclers:

"Thank you so much for offering such a great service!", San Jose, 2007

"Wow! Wonderful service. Thanks for much for picking up the toilets on an unscheduled date. It's great to not have them sitting in our yard anymore.", Los Altos, 2010

"I would love to have my toilet recycled instead of trashed.", Cupertino, 2007

"I have two toilets that I need to get rid of but I'd like to keep them out of the land fill. I did see you in the Mercury News - that's how I found you! :-)", Belmont, 2007

"Thanks for the quick reply.  I did try to give it away on free-cycle, but no one wanted it as it is not a water saving toilet.", Woodside, 2007

"It's so great what you're doing. You are to be commended. Is there anyone in my area?",Voice mail from New Jersey, 2008

"...a very convenient and cost-effective alternative to hauling it to a dump...", Yelp, 2009

FAQs: (Frequently Answered Questions)

Q: Why do you do this?

A: Profit, ecology, community service and goodwill.


Q: What do you do with them?

A: We sell some of the parts. Visit our store,

A: We offer free tank lid replacements to public schools and public housing. Donations Page.

A: Non-sellable items are taken to a recycling facility where they are segregated with concrete de-construction waste and pulverized for reuse as road-base construction material, aka "base rock." Visit Construction Materials Recycling Association to learn about concrete recycling and see photos of the process.

A: In recent years the toilets have been segregated for transfer to a tile manufacturer, Fireclay Tile, in San Jose. They recycle the toilets into a tile product they "The Debris Line."


Q: Who wants them?

A: People with old bathrooms where one of the parts is damaged, broken, or missing.


Q: What areas do you service?

A: San Jose to San Mateo.

A: See Fresno above.


Q: Do you have operations in other areas like southern California?

A: No. Our only operation is as described above.

A: Or see Fresno above.


Q: Do you know of anyone in my (other) area where I can properly recycle my toilet?

A: We recommend you talk to your garbage company or used building materials salvage yard. Some info here: Green Your Toilet

A: Boulder, CO ~ Fort Collins, CO ~ Greeley, CO ~ Scarborough, ME ~ San Francisco, CA ~ Renton, WA


Q: What time will you pickup my toilet?

A: Between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Specific time appointments are not known and cannot be quoted. You don't need to be home when the truck comes.


Q: What does the fee cover?

A: Vehicle, gasoline, and driver to pick the up toilet; labor to strip non-porcelain parts from the toilet tank; vehicle, gasoline, and driver to the recycling facility; fees at the recycling facility.


Q: How can I know that you are a trustworthy merchant?

A: Under our store name we are a Pay Pal Verified Seller since 2003. Click the link to view our certification. (Pay Pal login required.) We've been featured in the San Jose Mercury News and Angie's List Magazine. ...We're for-real! ( We were formerly Tjader Sales, a kitchen, bath and plumbing Manufacturer's Representative serving northern California and western Nevada from 1989 to 2010.)


Q: What is your address? Can I drop-off my toilet?

A: Since we do not have a facility or staff to accept drop-offs, our address is not shown. Click here for a list of drop-off locations.(Careful - the last one, Zanker, has a $30.00 minimum charge.)

A: See Fresno above.

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